Cocktail Hour: The Baja California

Get ready to elevate your summer gatherings with the ultimate thirst-quencher: The Baja California. In collaboration with Create Cocktails, we’ve crafted a refreshing concoction that will transport your taste buds straight to the sunny beaches of Baja California. Paired with our delectable canapés, this drink is guaranteed to be a hit at any summer gathering. So, gather your friends, grab your shakers, and let’s dive into the recipe!

To create the perfect Baja California cocktail, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 40ml vodka
  • 35ml watermelon juice
  • 20ml lime juice
  • 15ml guava juice
  • 10ml agave syrup
  • A pinch of flakey sea salt
  • Sea rosemary sprig and popcorn shoots for garnish


  1. Start by adding the vodka, watermelon juice, lime juice, guava juice, and agave syrup into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
    • Pro Tip: The combination of these fruity flavors will give your cocktail a delightful tropical twist!
  2. Shake the mixture vigorously until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  3. Pour the cocktail into a highball glass filled with ice, allowing the flavors to mingle and chill.
  4. Sprinkle a pinch of flakey sea salt over the top, enhancing the flavors and adding a touch of seaside flair.
    • Just a hint of salt will take your taste buds on a journey, balancing the sweetness with a savory note.
  5. For a visually stunning presentation, garnish your Baja California Pocket Rocket with a sprig of sea rosemary and some popcorn shoots.
    • These vibrant and aromatic garnishes will make your cocktail truly Instagram-worthy!
  6. Finally, take a moment to appreciate your masterpiece, and then indulge in the refreshing explosion of flavors.
    • The Baja California is meant to be savoured, enjoyed, and shared with friends. So sit back, relax, and let the tropical vibes wash over you.

With the Baja California in hand, summer will reach new heights of enjoyment. Its tantalising combination of vodka, watermelon, lime, and guava will transport you to sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and clear blue waters. Paired with our delicious canapés, this cocktail is the perfect companion for your summer adventures. So go ahead, save this recipe, and prepare to dazzle your friends and family with the taste of Baja California in every sip. Cheers to summer! 🍹🌴