Our Story

Pocket Rocket was born to give Londoners delicious canapés and finger food, delivered in style. Founded in 2021 by leading luxury catering company Rocket Food, known for its exceptional and award-winning canapés, Pocket Rocket offers the same standard of quality just in a more accessible format. We know that not every event needs a full band, sometimes you just need an awesome playlist – a concept from which we dreamed up Pocket Rocket.

We deliver exceptional quality canapés, bridge rolls and cakes that look as good as they taste, are made from responsibly sourced ingredients by our expert chefs, and are delivered in such stylish boxes, they can even be used for serving to save you the hassle. Let us help treat your employees, clients, friends and family the best way we know how – with delicious food.

Pocket Rocket canapes

Our Ingredients

HG Walter

HG Walter is an independent family-run butcher established in 1972, and today is leading the London butchery industry with their focus on provenance, animal welfare, and flavour. Their meat is predominantly sourced from small farms rearing free-range native breeds, known for yielding some of the best meat in the world.


Natoora is leading a food system revolution by delivering ‘radically seasonal’ fruit and vegetables to over 1000 restaurants in London, New York and Paris. Sourcing produce directly from over 400 independent growers across Europe and the US, Natoora is creating a more meaningful and responsible food system that preserves seed varieties, growing techniques and traditions that are threatened by modern industrial farming and supermarket culture.

Inverawe Smokehouses

Inverawe Smokehouses, based in Scotland, are holders of the Royal Warrant. Going against the grain with their traditional way of wood smoking, they rely on age-old skills and time to do things by hand instead of modern machinery. The resulting products are renowned for their quality and flavour.

Daily Fish Supplies

Daily Fish are champions of fresh, responsibly caught fish. By locally sourcing and putting huge focus on their environmental impact, they are a reliable supplier of eco-friendly, and top quality, fish.

Portland Shellfish

Portland Shellfish is a third generation, family-owned Dorset merchant. Working in a sustainable way is high on their agenda to ensure that there is shellfish not just for today, but tomorrow. The quality of their crabs and lobsters speak for themselves.

Good Earth Growers

Good Earth Growers is a project set up by The Modern Salad Grower, Sean O’Neill, in collaboration with Natoora. Created as a way to open doors for small, ethically minded Cornish growers, the project has allowed high quality, seasonal Cornish produce to reach the London market. The longterm objective is to show that small growers can compete with industrial agriculture.

Pocket Rocket canape collections

Our Packaging

All of the cardboard that makes up our boxes is from fully certified FSC registered mills, is sourced from responsibly managed forests and is REACH compliant. The boxes are totally biodegradable and can be fully recycled in bins or at recycling centres.

Need something more?

For larger events, weddings or to see our other services, please visit www.rocketfood.com.

“The canapes looked fantastic and were delicious! It was very colourful and visually striking! It was more reasonable than I initially thought when I looked at the cost in the past as they went further than the brochure suggested. Perhaps as they were a snack rather than a substitute for a meal. A definite success and keen to use them again.”

Universal Music

“Wow Pocket Rocket Team and thank you. We could not have been more impressed with all that you did to provide and deliver such DELICOUS canapés for our showcase event. Everything you did from advising to delivery was perfect. We didn’t want to unpack the boxes as they were so beautiful. Our guests loved every mouthful and they made our wines sing. Thank you so so much and here’s to the next one.”

Tom Gilbey Ltd.

“The canapes delivered for our event were absolutely beautiful. The clients were extremely pleased with both presentation and flavour profile of each one! Will definitely be ordering more from you!”

Marsh McLennan

“Thank you for the fantastic canapes for our Awards event on Wednesday evening. They arrived in good time and were perfectly boxed up and arranged as you described. We took off the handles and were ready to serve. Guests really enjoyed the range and quality of flavours and they'd all gone by the end of the night! We'll definitely look to use you again in the future.”

One World Media

“Pocket Rocket was a huge success and we are so grateful that you went above and beyond expectation to deliver to us.”

Bollinger Bar

“Just wanted to let you know the team loved the Bloomsbury box and it was our favourite order with you so far.”

Vacheron Constantin
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