An End-of-Summer Soirée at 34 Bloomsbury

  • 18 Oct 2023
  • By Erika Batty
  • In News

The Event

As the sun began to set on a warm October evening, London’s elite gathered for a remarkable end-of-summer event, hosted by Battered Black Book, a digital members club that offers their high-profile clients direct access to a network of luxury service providers and professionals. The chosen venue was none other than the newly refurbished 34 Bloomsbury, a charming Georgian house located in the heart of Central London, and Pocket Rocket supplied the canapés throughout the night.


The Venue

34 Bloomsbury is a hidden gem that had recently undergone an exquisite transformation, making it the perfect backdrop for this exclusive gathering. Its Georgian architecture provided a picturesque setting, while the freshly refurbished interiors exuded elegance and charm. The tasteful combination of historical grandeur and modern luxury was a treat for the senses.

The Collection

Pocket Rocket’s limited-edition Portobello Collection took center stage at the event. Guests were treated to a sumptuous selection of savoury canapés that included seasonal favourites such as the Squash & miso tart, Bresaola crostini, and Radish & hazelnut spiedinis. 

The canapés were presented on their signature Pocket Rocket trays and were accompanied by bespoke cocktails by Drinks Fusion and Jensen’s Gin.

Stunning canapés – We had fantastic feedback from our guests on the night who were really surprised to hear that your food can be delivered without needing to be plated up on site, yet are still so pretty and delicious! – Ben, Battered Black Book